Curriculum Vitae


  • MFA Fine Arts, Otis College of Art and Design, California (2018)
  • BFA in Studio Art, CSU East Bay, California (2004)
  • BA in Graphic Design, CSU East Bay, California (2003)

Solo Exhibitions

  • Window Dressing, Cerritos College Art Gallery, Cerritos, CA (2019)
  • Cambiaformas, Fundación Sebastian, Mexico City, Mexico (2018)
  • Ghost Prints II, Bolsky Gallery, Los Angeles, CA (2018)
  • Ghost Prints, LAST Projects, Los Angeles, CA (2017)
  • Blue Moon, LAST Projects, Los Angeles, CA (2015)
  • Psycho-Specific Unearthings, NWC Gallery, Chicago, IL (2012)
  • Tragedy and Automatism, Soil Gallery, Seattle, WA (2011) 

Group Exhibitions

  • Black and White, Creative Arts Group, Sierra Madre, CA (2019)
  • By and By (Hope for the Future), Durden and Ray, Los Angeles, CA (2019)
  • SoCal MFA, Millard Sheets Art Center, Pomona, CA (2017)
  • Haunted Memories, Eagle Rock Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock, CA (2017)
  • Incarceration, OCCCA, Santa Ana, CA (2017)
  • FAR Bazaar, Cerritos College, Norwalk, CA (2017)
  • The Dead Are Not Quiet, San Diego Art Institute, San Diego, CA (2016)
  • Excesstential Style, Last Projects Gallery, Los Angeles, CA (2016)
  • Humiliation, Bolsky Gallery, Los Angeles, CA (2016)
  • 50/50, Sanchez Art Center, Pacifica, CA (2015)
  • Rebirth - Death, Life, and Transformation, Downey Civic Theater, Downey, CA (2015)
  • The Tarot Show, Last Projects Gallery, Los Angeles, CA (2014)
  • The L.A. Bird Show, Sancho Gallery, Los Angeles, CA (2013)
  • R.E.sidency Preview, Reversible Eye Gallery, Chicago, IL (2012)
  • Tarantismo Summit, Reversible Eye Gallery, Chicago, IL (2012)
  • Art of Touring, Johalla Projects, Chicago, IL (2010)
  • Version 9, Co-Prosperity Sphere (2009)
  • Red/White/Blue, Reversible Eye Gallery, Chicago, IL (2006)
  • Reversible Eye, Reversible Eye Gallery, Chicago, IL (2005)
  • The Rawk Show, Gallery Lombardi, Austin, IL (2004)
  • Scenes and Zines, Richmond Art Center, Richmond, CA (2003)

Performance Showings


  • Highways, Santa Monica (2016)
  • Electric Lodge, Venice (2016)

Saturnine (Performance)

  • Church of Fun, Los Angeles (2016)

Stupid Dans

  • i^3 Hypermedia, Chicago (2009)


  • Spaceland, Los Angeles (1997)

Circus Redickuless (Performance)

  • Art Car Fest, Houston, TX (1996)

Film and Video Showings

Equinox Lights (Video)

  • The Dead Are Not Quiet, San Diego Art Institute (2016)
  • Tiny Teeny Film Fest, Los Angeles, CA (2015)

The Poisoner (Film, actor)

  • Palace Film Festival, Chicago, IL (2016)

Crackula (Film, actor)

  • The International Experimental Cinema Exposition Domestic Blind Spots. Denver, CO (2006)
  • Emerging Filmmakers Project, Denver Colorado (2007)

Music Festivals

Loto Ball (Performance, Music)

  • MidPoint Music Festival, Cincinnatti, Ohio (2011)
  • Drop Dead Festival, Vilnius, Lithuania (2010)
  • Black Swamp Arts Festival, Bowling Green, Ohio (2008)
  • Mutant Transmissions, Los Angeles (2008)
  • Drop Dead Festival, New York City (2005)

The Arts of Life Band (Performance, Music)

  • North Coast Music Festival, Chicago, IL (2011, 2012)
  • Glenwood Ave. Arts Fest, Chicago, IL (2010)

Mucca Pazza (Performance, Music)

  • Lollapalooza
  • True / False Film Fest
  • Tour De Fat
  • Late Night with Conan O'Brien, Chicago, IL (2006)

The Phantom Limbs (Performance, Music)

  • CMJ, New York City (2001)

Residencies and Awards

  • Fundación Sebastian, Mexico City, Mexico, 2018
  • Anderson Ranch, Snowmass Village, CO, 2016
  • R.E.sidency, Reversible Eye Gallery, Chicago, IL 2012
  • VSA Grant, for Kennedy Center Installation (The Arts of Life, inc.), 2011
  • CAAP Grant, City of Chicago Dept. of Cultural Affairs, 2009
  • CAAP Grant, City of Chicago Dept. of Cultural Affairs, 2007
  • Best Rock Band, 2003, SF Weekly, Best of 2003 (The Phantom Limbs), 2003


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Recordings, Films

The Poisoner, directed by Chris Hefner (FILM 2012)

The Arts of Life Band, Around and Around Album, the Arts of Life, inc. (2011)

Loto Ball, Paleface Destroyers/ Loto Ball Split EP, SheHeIt / Reversible Eye (2011)

The Phantom Limbs, Whole Loto Love CD/DVD, Alternative Tentacles (2009)

The Arts of Life Band, The Arts of Life Band CD, the Arts of Life, inc. (2008)

Mucca Pazza, Plays Well Together LP, Leather Bus (2008)

Loto Ball, Levy on the Eyeway LP, Gifted Children Records (2008)

Loto Ball, I Can Be Your Eyes EP, Reversible Eye (2008)

Mucca Pazza, A Little Marching Band Album, self-released (2006)

The Phantom Limbs, Random Hymns EP, GSL Records, also Hungry Eye Records (2005)

The Phantom Limbs, Patience EP – split on Hungry Eye Records with The Vanishing (2004)

The Phantom Limbs, Displacement LP, Alternative Tentacles Records (2003)

The Phantom Limbs, Applied Ignorance LP, Alternative Tentacles Records (2001)

The Phantom Limbs, split with Fleshies EP, Atakra Records (2000)

The Phantom Limbs, Murder Us Windpipes EP, Atakra Records (2000)

Crackula, directed by Scott Banning (VIDEO 1998)

Circus Redickuless, Bomp Bomp EP, Black’n’Blue Records (1996)

Boy Scouts of Annihilation, Mucous EP, self-released (1996)

Jack Acid, Destroy The Boat EP, Lookout Records (1993)