• October 20, 2017

    Stepping Into the Radiant Future

    Last Projects 7:00pm - 11:00pm

    on view 10-13-17 thru 11-10 Previews Oct 13-15 Screening & Reading 11/10 Gianni Arone Anthony Ausgang Liz Walsh Jovi Schnell Serge Serum Craig Calderwood Jean Guerly Pétion Kim Weller Alex Sanchez Rachid Bouhamidi Keenen Derby Alice Cunt Jeff Zilla Malik Pope Ciriza Cynthia Herrerra Lena Moross Sean Noyce Katya Usvitsky Franco Castilla Astral Eyes Nora Keyes Adrienne Heloise Cate Nelson Meagan Boyd Peter Kalisch Karim Shuquem Michael Dee Dorian Wood Nilay Lawson Skip Snow Ken Gunn Yeop Min Ernest Rosenthal Andrew Wingler Ilona Berger Louis Schmidt Phillip Haut Caro Fontoura Alzaga KT Flanagan Case Hudson Isabel Theselius Luka Fisher Tim Hailand Schelsey Mohammadi Sabat Cindy Rehm Stepping Into the Radiant Future Светлое будущее A Soviet utopian cliche I heard on a copy of a copy of a cassette containing the only recording I have of my mothers voice of an interview conducted with a film director in early 70's Moscow. I understood the phrase was used ironically, but her voice beguiled. Irony and idealism entwined. Heterotopia. Sublimation and transcendence. Speculative cosmogony. Solidarity and resistance. At LAST Projects in Hollywood, where we occupied a second floor space above a lingerie shop for three years, the gallery's bar was the crucible of the space. It was built in a narrow side room lit by amber and colored lights, with our personal curation of artworks that colorful and a little dark. Several artists asked us to show this collection in the exhibition space. We soon moved out of Hollywood to Lincoln Heights. It was a difficult rebirth and we pulled through on the strength of our friendships with artists. Stepping into the Radiant Future brings together the communities of artists we've worked with over the past three years and the friends they've invited, with a collection of works that disturbs the divergent emanations from the radiant future; a utopian mantra that is perennially prescient, a warning, a portal, and emergent.

  • October 21, 2017

    HM157's Halloween Shindig w/ Haunted Garage

    hm157 8:00pm - 11:00pm

    We have been fiending for this moment ! Can you smell it in the air ? HALLOWEEN !!! This may well be HM157’s last Halloween show.. so tell your fiends ! Pleased as punch to announce the horrifying splatter rock legends.. HAUNTED GARAGE ! A link for those born after 1980.. BoyScouts of Annihilation ! (birthday for Quinn and Karim! Both born Oct 23Rd ) Burlesque by : Harley Harpurr... the Devil's Purrfect Pinup - LA's Goth Barbie ! @harleyharpurr Deaes & Gianna Gianna ! Mas TBA !!!

  • October 22, 2017

    Karim Shuquem 2017

    Otis Graduate Studios 11:00am - 2:00pm

    A week of events PRE-THESIS exhibit -exhibit and fundraiser in preparation for JANUARY THESIS EXHIBIT including • $50 patron dinner Thursday the 19th @ 5 pm • $10 benefit concert Saturday the 21st 2 to 6 pm • FREE entry exhibit / open studio Sunday the 22nd 11 to 5 pm.