2018 Residency ······ Fundación Sebastian
Mexico City


In a labor defined by working with images we find ourselves staring at something that catches our eye and wondering why. We attempt to find out why by working with the imagery.

There are different approaches by different workers.  This month my approach has been akin to that of western science...dissection, vivisection, slicing up, taking apart what lies before you to uncover what lies inside.

Images are manipulated on computer, then transferred to a block, then printed in multiple on different sizes and textures of paper. Immediately afterwards we find we are left with the leftover ink from this process. It then becomes a task of association, sculpting by removal, a suggestion interpreted in the shape of an ink splotch. The manipulated ink splotch is printed as well to see what it has to reveal.

When the ink has dried on paper, the process of divination and delineation continues. A similar action to that of reading tea leaves, coffee grounds, or patterns in the stars. We aim to uncover hidden truths by drawing them out with pen and ink on top of the prints. We are looking for information within the information. Through multiplication, multiple imprintings, we split apart an image and take it in differing directions to see where that road takes us. The image itself is a split, a division, a breaking apart. A bust split into atoms, a film loop split into its separate frames.

However, on the other hand, with the block prints, we are more likely covering than uncovering, removing unwanted noise by blacking out, and only keeping the noise we want.

The imagery refers to itself. It speaks of manipulation, duplication, formation, re-formation, escape, splitting apart the self to understand the self. It uses obfuscation to find clarity, and other contradictions I can confess... but let’s leave it at that.

At a time when we are saturated with double-speak and intentionally misleading information, I am using repetition and splitting apart of information to see the conflicting sides and thought pattern ruptures laid down flat in black and white on paper. I am taking the images in multiple directions looking for a different road, a divergent path, perhaps a new outcome.