MFA Fine Art, 2018
Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles, California

BFA Studio Art, 2004
CSU East Bay, Hayward, California

BFA Graphic Arts, 2004
CSU East Bay, Hayward, California


2022 - Die Kunstkammer at Discover Torrance

2021 - Night Moves at the Bendix Building, Los Angeles 

2020 - Die Kunstammer at Adams Square Mini Park,
Glendale Libraries, Arts, and Culture, Glendale, CA

2020 Head-On Collision, LAST Projects, Los Angeles, California (4 artist show)

2020 This Thin Utopia, LAST Projects, Los Angeles, California (with Ernest Rosenthal)

2019 Window Dressing, Cerritos College Art Gallery, Los Angeles, California

2018 Cambiaformas, Fundación Sebastian, Mexico City, Mexico

2018 Ghost Prints II, Bolsky Gallery, Los Angeles, California

2017 Ghost Prints, LAST Projects, Los Angeles, California

2016 Excesstential Style, LAST Projects, Los Angeles, California (with Jonathan Johnson)

2015 Blue Moon, LAST Projects, Los Angeles, California (with Nora Keyes)

2012 Psycho-Specific Unearthings, NWC Gallery, Chicago, Illinois

2011 Tragedy and Automatism, SOIL Gallery, Seattle, Washington


2022 Loto Ball, La Zurda, Complejo Cultural Los Pinos, Mexico City

Holes, Cerritos College, Cerritos, California

2016 Mariana, Highways, Santa Monica, California

2016 Mariana, Electric Lodge, Venice, California

2016 Saturnine, Church of Fun, Los Angeles, California

2011 Loto Ball, MidPoint Music Festival, Cincinnati, Ohio

2010 Loto Ball, Drop Dead Festival, Vilnius, Lithuania

2009 Stupid Dans (1,10,5), i^3 Hypermedia, Chicago, Illinois

2005 Loto Ball, Drop Dead Festival, New York, New York

1997 Communication, Spaceland, Los Angeles, California

Awards, Residencies & Public Art

2018 Residency, Sebastian Foundation, Mexico City, Mexico

2017 Public Art, Interactive Mural, Cerritos College, Los Angeles, CA

2016 Study Grant, Anderson Ranch, Snowmass Village, Colorado

2011 Grant, VSA Grant for Kennedy Center Installation (with Arts of Life)

2011 Public Art,  Mural, Chase Park, Chicago (with Arts of Life)

2011 Grant, CAAP Grant, Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs

2009 Grant, CAAP Grant, Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs

2007 Public Art,  Mural, Bloomingdale Trail, Chicago (with Arts of Life)


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